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What is Optimum Mobile and Boost Mobile?

Optimum Mobile, previously known as Altice Mobile, is the mobile brand for Optimum customers in the New York tri-state area, as well as for Suddenlink customers located in the west and mid-Atlantic states. Altice USA has over 5 million customers spanning 21 states. Their mobile service runs on the T-Mobile network.

Boost Mobile is a wireless telecommunications brand that its utilized by two independent companies in both the United States and Australia. It is a pre-paid phone service that operates on the T-Mobile network as well.

How much do their services cost?

Optimum Mobile offers 1 GB, 3 GB and unlimited plans, all which include unlimited talk and text. The 1GB plan starts at $19 per month. If you need more data than that, you can upgrade to 3 GB for $32 per month or Unlimited data for $60 per month. These plans give you the flexibility to switch at any time, a free mobile hotspot, nationwide coverage, 5G access, and no multi-line commitments. What more could you ask for?

As for Boost Mobile, their plans start at $15 per month for 2 GB with unlimited talk, text, and 4G/5G LTE Data. If you’re a new customer, you can upgrade to 5GB for $25 per month. This plan includes unlimited talk and text, mobile hotspots, and 4G/5G data. If you need more data, all customers (not just new ones) can upgrade to 10GB for $35 per month. This plan also includes unlimited talk and text, as well as mobile hot spots.

If none of those plans impress you and you feel like you need more, you can go for one of their unlimited plans. For $50 per month, you can get 35 GB of 4G LTE data, a 12GB mobile hotspot and you add an additional line for $30 per month. Boost Mobile’s largest option is $60 per month for 35 GB of 4G LTE data, unlimited talk and text, the ability to add an additional line for $40 per month, a 30GB mobile hot spot, and HD video streaming. Once the monthly data allotment is exceeded for both plans, you will be reduced to 2G data speeds until the month ends.

Optimum Mobile Plans & Pricing Boost Mobile Plans & Pricing
1 GB for $19/month 2 GB for $15/month
3 GB for $32/month 5 GB for $25/month (new customers only)
- 10 GB for $35/month
Unlimited data for $60/month 35 GB for $50/month
- 35 GB with HD Streaming for $60/month

What deals do they offer?

Optimum Mobile advertises that their phone service is up to 40% cheaper than other phone plans. To see just how much you’d be saving, you can even go onto the Optimum site and enter in the monthly amount of your current mobile provider and you’ll be informed of how much money you would save if switched to Optimum mobile.

Additionally, Optimum subscribers with either Optimum cable or Internet are eligible for $10 off their monthly phone plan, lowering the cost of their bill.

Boost Mobile allows you to bring your own phone to them to receive service for $40 per month. This includes unlimited data, talk, text, and a $50 bonus. Do know that the data speed is reduced after 35GB of data is used. After your first month of service, you will receive $10 off per month for six months and then the service will be $50 per month after that.

Another promotion offered by Boost is that you can get three separate lines for $30 per month after paying an initial $100.

Finally, Boost customers are given access to their exclusive rewards program, Boost Perks. They are eligible for special deals, exclusive perks, and able to enter to win VIP experiences by entering to win via the Boost Perks app.

How is their service?

Optimum Mobile allows their customers to switch data plans whenever with no fees and does not mandate any contracts or multiline commitments, allowing cancellation at any time. They boast unlimited talk and text, a free mobile hotspot, nationwide coverage, and 5G access.

Boost Mobile also offers no service contracts, as well as unlimited talk and text, mobile hotspots, and 99% nationwide coverage. They offer additional services like data packs, phone insurance, international services, as well as premium Caller ID.

We hope this article helped you narrow down the best mobile service provider for you and your family! If not, we hope it is comforting that the two services we discussed today don’t require contracts if you do decide you want to at least try one of them. We wish you all the best with your mobile service search. Happy Shopping!

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